Warning for scam SMS on loan application – How to avoid being cheated

Bluff sms about re-activating Spotify account, paying import VAT to Postnord or verifying their bank account at Nordea…
These are just a few of the fraud attempts that have occurred where fake text messages were sent to thousands of Swedes with well-known companies as senders. The fake sms are a form of phishing and unfortunately it is a common fraud method today.


What is phishing with fake sms?

What is phishing with fake sms?

Phishing through fake sms is a criminal activity that involves deceiving confidential information such as passwords, usernames and debit card details. The information in sms: is usually of an urgent nature and usually the recipient is asked to act in some way. For example, by clicking on a link, making a payment or calling a number.

The purpose of an urgent message is that you should be stressed and act impulsively. Therefore, if you receive a scam text, it is important that you chase all the impulses and not click on anything until you have verified the authenticity of the message.


Example of bluff text message

Example of bluff text message

One company that has been severely affected by SMS fraud is Postnord. In the fake sms, recipients have been asked to click on a link to pay import VAT or postage for a delivery, whereupon the recipient is locked into a fake but credible website.

An extra set time for this type of scam SMS is around Christmas. Then there are extra people waiting for deliveries, which increases the likelihood that the SMS scammers will send in people who fall for the fake sms.


Astro Finance did not send sms

Astro Finance did not send sms

This week, another wave of bluff-sms reached Sweden’s mobile phones, with us at Astro Finance as the sender. “ We have now approved your application and are handling your case. Payment is usually made within 2-4 business days. If you have any questions, you can call us, ”it says in the text message, followed by a telephone number that has no connection whatsoever to our website.

The messages have caused concern for those who have received the SMS and have not applied for a loan. Many, of course, are afraid that their identity has been stolen and that a fraudster has managed to take out loans in their name. If you have been affected, you should not call the number in the text message but firstly you should contact our email if you have any questions and we will answer as soon as we can.

We at Astro Finance want to emphasize that we do not save any phone numbers and have not sent any sms. No loan application has been made through us. If you are concerned about identity theft, we urge you to make a police report.


Our advice – So you avoid being fooled

Our advice - So you avoid being fooled

  • If you receive a text message, regardless of who the sender claims to be, be skeptical and question the content.
  • Do not act impulsively but think for an extra time and do not do what the sender asks you to.
  • Google is your friend – search the sender and the text, most likely others have found the same thing.
  • Act immediately if you accidentally leave sensitive information – block bank card / change password / report to the police.

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