Peer-to-peer credit, what is it?

How can a loan be funded through the peer-to-peer platform? At least P2P points. 50 likes – 4 talk about it. The bank is itself: grant loans and collect up to 30% interest. Whether leasing or a small loan, if the conditions are right, a loan is worthwhile from a tax perspective. for a critique

While sleeping

While sleeping

One of these is P2P loans, a simple alternative form, but also a risky form of investment. What are P2P points? If this is now combined with “loans”, the result is an allocation of money from individual to individual. That is, in this case you can finally use the house bank and grant other private loans and participate in the interest of your customers.

The platform on which the lender (you) and the borrower meet is different. However, a loan is not granted by a single lender here, but each contributes only a small part. For example, if a borrower needs 1,000 dollars, they usually don’t get it from one lender, but from many others.

In our example, each lender contributes 10 so that the loan is divided among 100 different lenders. P2P loans have little interaction with the stock market. This means that if the exchanges plunge into the basement, your P2P loans won’t be affected as well. The second reason for investing in P2P is of course the return on investment.

Which platforms are there?

Which platforms are there?

There are well-known platforms Fine Credit and Agree Bank in Germany, but the experiences of other blogs are not very pleasant. In the Baltic States there are platforms Across Lender, Lite lender, Binary Lender, Best Lender and many more. I am currently involved in Across Lender and Lite lender. First you need an account on one of the platforms listed above.

Almost all platforms now have an auto investment, meaning you define your desired criteria once and your capital is automatically invested. When opening an account with Lite lender, you will receive 5 transferred to your account immediately after registration and can start without any risk.

If you want to register with Across Lender, you will receive 1% of the paid amount via my link. Save 1% on Across Lender now. Want to know more about P2P loans? The volume by Kolja Barhoorn and Lars Wrobbel, the ultimate leader in P2P loans. If you want to know everything about P2P points, you cannot avoid this work.

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