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Your loan offer doesn’t cost a dime

Your loan offer doesn

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There is a lot of work in their loan offering

There is a lot of work in their loan offering

So the experts look at your financial situation and carefully examine which solution is the best for you. And even though Good lender loan is pushing your pace a lot in the search for an instant loan, the experts are by no means satisfied with the first best solution. If necessary, ask 5, 10 or even up to 20 different lenders for a loan for you. After all, you should be sure that Good lender loan always offers you the best possible loan.

Get an online offer for top credit

Get an online offer for top credit

Since you don’t have to pay a cent in advance and make no commitments, you can now send your credit request completely risk-free. Just find out how cheap an instant loan can be for you and which conditions credit coupons can negotiate for you. By the way, a bad Credit bureau is explicitly not a problem: Even if other banks have already rejected your loan request, Good lender loan can often offer you an attractive loan despite Credit bureau. Alternatively, loans without Credit bureau are also available. Here you can go directly to the online loan request.

Swedes continue to save – mortgage loans are increasing

Ever since the IT crash at the turn of the millennium, the saving of the Swedes has moved in an upward curve. This shows statistics from Statistics Sweden about Sweden’s saving and borrowing. Savings consist mainly of investments in funds and shares, but ordinary savings in bank accounts are also popular. The third quarter of 2018 was the quarter that the Swedes saved most since 2000.

When it comes to Swedes’ lending habits, the statistics show different pictures depending on the type of loan. The number of student loans and unsecured loans has not seen any significant increase or decrease over the past 10 years. By contrast, loans from banks and housing institutions have increased significantly. Of these loans, mortgages go out of the game despite two rounds of rules regarding repayment requirements. Worth noting is that housing prices have also risen, which may explain the Swedes’ increased borrowing needs.


Increased repo rate

Increased repo rate

The question is whether the trend of increased savings and more mortgage loans will continue in the coming years. A major influencing factor is the repo rate, which the Riksbank raised in January from -0.50% to -0.25%. The interest rate has been negative since 2015, but the forecast is that it will continue to increase in small stages in the coming years. This may in turn raise interest rates on mortgages and partly reduce the number of new mortgages, but also cause the Swedes to receive less money for savings.


Fixed or variable mortgage rates?

mortgage loan

Since mortgages involve large amounts of money, a small increase in interest rates can lead to large differences in monthly costs, which can be difficult to manage financially. One way to find the most advantageous loan is to compare different mortgages. By having a lower interest rate on the loan, you have a more stable basis if the interest rate goes up.

However, you can choose to have a fixed mortgage rate. The advantage of this is that during the binding period you can be absolutely sure what your monthly cost will be, regardless of any repo rate increases. If you have a variable interest rate, the cost may be higher, but the advantage is that the cost can also be lower in case of any interest rate cuts.

It is constantly speculated as to whether the repo rate will go up or down. None of us can for sure predict what will happen in the future and it simply has to be as informed as possible about the various alternatives. What we can note, however, is that Swedes continue to save to a large extent, while at the same time taking more and more mortgage loans.


Loans without a permanent job? – Smaller players create loan opportunities for freelancers

The gig economy continues to expand in Sweden and challenges what we have learned about what an employment should look like. An increasing number of Swedes choose to take temporary assignments, or “gig”, instead of having a permanent job. According to a survey by GoldStep, just over every other Swedish wants a more flexible form of employment and among the 18-29 year olds, 61% can think of gigging.

With the freedom to be able to control yourself also comes some problems, not least when it comes to applying for loans. Not all players have succeeded in adapting to the change and many of the traditional banks still have permanent employment as a requirement. Today, however, there are many smaller and more flexible lenders in the market who place less emphasis on employment.


The right giggle in the right place

freelancer loan

As a result of the gig economy, loyalty and long-term competence become less important and focus is instead placed on flexibility and excellence. An employer can hire a lender for an assignment that requires some competence – maybe it is important that the economist in a certain project understands the automotive industry? It is therefore about the right person in the right place.

According to GoldStep’s survey, 42 percent of Swedes believe that half of the population, within a ten-year period, will have other forms of employment than permanent employment. Although the movement towards a more flexible labor market has been going on for some time, it is still more difficult for those without permanent employment to get a loan granted – in some cases, even impossible.


The banks favor permanent employees

employee loan

Nearly half of Swedes believe that traditional banks are more favorably disposed to borrowers who are permanently employed than those with other forms of employment. It includes not only freelancers, but also project employees and temporary workers. According to GoldStep’s report, 8 out of 10 Swedes believe that the banks should place greater emphasis on the applicant’s overall financial opportunities.

It is no wonder that banks prefer that borrowers have worked in one place for a long time. This probably means that the person is permanently employed and cannot be terminated anyway. In this way, the borrower’s income is secured and the risk is less that the loan cannot be repaid. With self-employed, however, the income is more uncertain and can vary by month.

Obviously, even smaller lenders want to take as little risk as possible when lending money. However, due to high competition in the market, these players have been forced to adapt based on customers’ conditions. Therefore, they often have a more flexible approach to employment and are better at making an overall assessment of the borrower’s financial situation.


Increase the chances of loans without permanent employment

money loan

Although there is no requirement for permanent employment, there is always some form of income requirement. The amount required varies between different lenders, but is at least USD100,000 per year. If your annual income exceeds the requirement and you meet the other conditions that the lender has, you should have no problem getting a loan granted even though you are a giggler.

However, it should be said that without a permanent employment, a good credit rating becomes even more important if possible to get a loan, and at a low interest rate. The ones that can reduce creditworthiness are current liabilities, current credits and payment remarks.

Another way to increase the chances of a loan without permanent employment is to compare different lenders, as the conditions may vary widely. However, applying for a whole range of lenders can be counterproductive as many credit information in the registry lowers your credit rating. One possibility then is to apply to a loan broker who collects offers for you.

Warning for scam SMS on loan application – How to avoid being cheated

Bluff sms about re-activating Spotify account, paying import VAT to Postnord or verifying their bank account at Nordea…
These are just a few of the fraud attempts that have occurred where fake text messages were sent to thousands of Swedes with well-known companies as senders. The fake sms are a form of phishing and unfortunately it is a common fraud method today.


What is phishing with fake sms?

What is phishing with fake sms?

Phishing through fake sms is a criminal activity that involves deceiving confidential information such as passwords, usernames and debit card details. The information in sms: is usually of an urgent nature and usually the recipient is asked to act in some way. For example, by clicking on a link, making a payment or calling a number.

The purpose of an urgent message is that you should be stressed and act impulsively. Therefore, if you receive a scam text, it is important that you chase all the impulses and not click on anything until you have verified the authenticity of the message.


Example of bluff text message

Example of bluff text message

One company that has been severely affected by SMS fraud is Postnord. In the fake sms, recipients have been asked to click on a link to pay import VAT or postage for a delivery, whereupon the recipient is locked into a fake but credible website.

An extra set time for this type of scam SMS is around Christmas. Then there are extra people waiting for deliveries, which increases the likelihood that the SMS scammers will send in people who fall for the fake sms.


Astro Finance did not send sms

Astro Finance did not send sms

This week, another wave of bluff-sms reached Sweden’s mobile phones, with us at Astro Finance as the sender. “ We have now approved your application and are handling your case. Payment is usually made within 2-4 business days. If you have any questions, you can call us, ”it says in the text message, followed by a telephone number that has no connection whatsoever to our website.

The messages have caused concern for those who have received the SMS and have not applied for a loan. Many, of course, are afraid that their identity has been stolen and that a fraudster has managed to take out loans in their name. If you have been affected, you should not call the number in the text message but firstly you should contact our email if you have any questions and we will answer as soon as we can.

We at Astro Finance want to emphasize that we do not save any phone numbers and have not sent any sms. No loan application has been made through us. If you are concerned about identity theft, we urge you to make a police report.


Our advice – So you avoid being fooled

Our advice - So you avoid being fooled

  • If you receive a text message, regardless of who the sender claims to be, be skeptical and question the content.
  • Do not act impulsively but think for an extra time and do not do what the sender asks you to.
  • Google is your friend – search the sender and the text, most likely others have found the same thing.
  • Act immediately if you accidentally leave sensitive information – block bank card / change password / report to the police.